Monday, January 19, 2009

Second Meeting

Hey Creative Ones!

First I want to thank all of you for your energy and positive feedback. We are well on our way to making this dream a reality! A year from now we will be looking back in amazement at how far we will have come in such a short time.Each one of you has so much to offer and I am so happy to be a part of this incredible and talented group!So here are the notes from yesterdays meeting:

Present were:






Naorah is working on tweaking the logo. She will post a few designs for us to choose from. So far we all LOVE the bee's face and the concept

!She is also going to get us paperwork for our FDIN#We have agreed to move forward with the Florida Trademark.

Naorah is also getting us paperwork for that too.She also gave us a tutorial on this Blog site!Please make sure everyone sets up a free G-Mail account so you can comment and post stuff!

THANK YOU for setting this up

Mary showed us the journal from the Women's Art group in Chicago and we have agreed that we want to look into making something similar. We LOVED the idea of a journal as opposed to a calendar. We all like the idea of making each cover of the journal different and possibly having a workshop to create the covers.Naorah is also checking into pricing! (damn Naorah is going to be busy!!)

Joan talked to her sister a CPA about the 501-C and we have agreed to table that until we are ready. Right now it looks like an unnecessary expence.Joan brought the Artists Way and we all would like to try and make that a part of our daily lives!We have agreed to writing 3 pages longhand everyday! Also to do an Artist Date once a week.

Georgiana showed us a bottle she made (loved it)and a book on crafts where she got some ideas. She shared her idea on a purse made with ties. We also discovered her talent for Stain Glass! I am also happy to say that starting next month she will be taking over the duties of secretary.THANK YOU!

We also discussed dues and have agreed on $5.00 per meeting(beginning next month) used as a fund for future expenses .

I checked into a domain name and is available for $14.99. We agreed I would go ahead and make the purchase. The cost will be $3.00 per person.

Our next meeting will be on Feb 1 and everyone is asked to bring $8.00.This is a community blog so I hope all of you take advantage of it by posting your pictures, ideas, needs and anything you would like to share!!

I would really like if each of us POSTED what you did on your Artist Dates!This would give everyone some ideas and hold us all accountable!

Here is to an exciting and profitable year!Why Bee-Cause we CAN!!


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