Tuesday, February 17, 2009

just finished a little angel to put on the rearview mirror of my car.


Monday, February 16, 2009

here is the garden piece. the wire and beads are not reused, but all the glass is from broken bottles.

i hung it from a shepard hook in the garden.

if you like and are interested this was not hard to do and didn't take that long.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


i'm asking for glass bottles please. breaking them is awesome! particularly colored glass bottles...i'm going to make a garden ornament as a test run.

also posting pics of the wrapped bottles. orange one is the champagne bottle, the blue one is a bath and body works plastic bottle! exciting to reuse that waste.
my artist date today was going to michaels....got more string for bottles.

stopped at flea market....looking for ties. found only one! had a gross stain, did not get.

breaking wine bottles today and seeing what i can do with the glass.

for more on an artist date:


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Thanks for all your work!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meeting Notes February 1, 2009

February 1, 2009

Beecause Meeting Notes









· (Joan) Artist’s Way discussion

o Tina buying 4 copies for members ($9.95/each)

· (Tina) Domain www.beecause.org purchased

· Treasurer – Joan

o Collection of monies for domain name, meeting dues ($5/meeting)

· (Naorah) – logo updated and approved

· (Naorah) – trademark of ‘beecause’ and logo $87.50 each

o Decision to trademark the name first, logo later

o Naorah to gather paperwork

§ Need: 3 examples of use, who we are, business address

§ Using Paulette’s PO Box

§ Naorah will notarize with another person’s signature

§ Once submitted, expect quick turnaround

· (Tina) Selling of goods

o Gallery/store

§ Negative – commission

o House Parties

§ With a group that wants to do a fundraiser, can specify type of art

§ Hostess/host of party invites guest, we present and sell art and give 20% back to specified cause

§ Steve (Simple Gestures) will donate a night

§ Eventually contact Folio, Skirt, etc….

§ Ponte Vedra group for abused women

· Contact made by Tina when selling purse, woo!!!

§ ‘Gift’ for hostess/host – eg. Pin, button

· Next meeting will be a jewelry/accessory making workshop

o Bring materials and designs (buttons, beads, thrift store jewelry to disassemble, etc)

· (Georgiana) Keep an eye our for ties please

· Showcase of Tina and Ethel’s purses – we love them!

· Collect beach glass - future foiling workshop with glass

· Tax ID – Naorah and Georgiana to discuss and present group with different business type options

· (Joan) Artist Date – went to Hobby Lobby

· Joan to bring camera next meeting to take pictures

· Blog – beecauseblog.blogspot.com

o to logon contact a member

o check blog for updates and ideas

o post Artist dates you have

· Next Meeting: February 22nd at 11am. Meeting first, then accessory workshop after


Just wanted to say THANKS for making concept a reality! I am sooooooo excited about this project!
PLEASE send me your phone numbers, emails address and birthday (oh just because) to my email address. I would like to make sure everyone has access to each other.
Thanks to Joan for becoming our new treasurer and Artist Way leader!
Here's to a creative and profitable year!

updated logo option

here's another version of the logo with some of the requested changes. sorry i haven't had more time over the past 2 weeks to make some more options. i'm also thinking about a beehive and a high heeled shoe. anyhow... let me know what you think. see you later today. -naorah

Trademark Registration

Hey ladies - here's the link to the document we need to fill out to register the trademark. I think we have to do 2 - one for beecause as the name of our company and another for the logo.

Trademark Registration Form