Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meeting Notes February 1, 2009

February 1, 2009

Beecause Meeting Notes









· (Joan) Artist’s Way discussion

o Tina buying 4 copies for members ($9.95/each)

· (Tina) Domain purchased

· Treasurer – Joan

o Collection of monies for domain name, meeting dues ($5/meeting)

· (Naorah) – logo updated and approved

· (Naorah) – trademark of ‘beecause’ and logo $87.50 each

o Decision to trademark the name first, logo later

o Naorah to gather paperwork

§ Need: 3 examples of use, who we are, business address

§ Using Paulette’s PO Box

§ Naorah will notarize with another person’s signature

§ Once submitted, expect quick turnaround

· (Tina) Selling of goods

o Gallery/store

§ Negative – commission

o House Parties

§ With a group that wants to do a fundraiser, can specify type of art

§ Hostess/host of party invites guest, we present and sell art and give 20% back to specified cause

§ Steve (Simple Gestures) will donate a night

§ Eventually contact Folio, Skirt, etc….

§ Ponte Vedra group for abused women

· Contact made by Tina when selling purse, woo!!!

§ ‘Gift’ for hostess/host – eg. Pin, button

· Next meeting will be a jewelry/accessory making workshop

o Bring materials and designs (buttons, beads, thrift store jewelry to disassemble, etc)

· (Georgiana) Keep an eye our for ties please

· Showcase of Tina and Ethel’s purses – we love them!

· Collect beach glass - future foiling workshop with glass

· Tax ID – Naorah and Georgiana to discuss and present group with different business type options

· (Joan) Artist Date – went to Hobby Lobby

· Joan to bring camera next meeting to take pictures

· Blog –

o to logon contact a member

o check blog for updates and ideas

o post Artist dates you have

· Next Meeting: February 22nd at 11am. Meeting first, then accessory workshop after

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