Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hey ladies!
I wanted to THANK YOU for your positive feedback concerning Bee-Cause. We will have another Sunday afternoon meeting. 1:00 PM here at Casa de Tio Frijoles on Sunday the 18th.
Please come prepared to share your ideas on how to proceed and any ideas on future projects.
Here is a brief overview of what we covered in the last meeting:

Joan is checking into the pros and cons of becoming a 501-C
She will also bring the Artist Way for discussion and possibly doing a group reading.

Naorah has set up a blog for us and will give us a tutorial. She is also checking into a copyright search. And is working on a logo. She also told us about a cool web site called

Sue is going to see if we can get the people from Rosa Loves to come talk to us.

We also discussed dues, websites, ideas, % of monies going to charities and what our vision and goals are for this very exciting group!

Our notes in the future will be available on the Blog site!

We also will have our first "swap" meet on sunday. If you have anything that you feel someone can use please bring it along! Like buttons, old jewelry, yarn, material etc. The swap meet will be AFTER the regular meeting.

So that's it in a nutshell! Let me know if you have any questions!
Feel free to pass this on to any like-minded women and anyone I (accidently) may have forgotten!


Bee-Cause mission statement:
A Co-Op of women artist dedicated to nurturing creativity and empowering women. Our goal is to use at least 85% recycled materials, saving the planet by adding less to landfills and helping women in our community.
Why Bee-Cause WE CAN!

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