Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meeting Notes April 5, 2009


Tina - reviewed last meeting minutes, collected dues. Joan to post on blog our current balance and dues info.
Tina - made business cards for beecause with her name. 500 for $7 from vista printing. others encouraged to make.
Tina - purses presented. continues to make with new design using washers, super cool!!!
Tina - letter for Betty Griffin House fundraiser - aiming for a fall event
Joan - presented her paper art pieces. Using newspaper color ads. Will have workshop next meeting to show us how to make. Request for cherry tomato containers. :-)
Georgiana - presented her portfolio of stained glass pieces. Presented idea to create a portolio of all of our art to have available, determine wants. Brought garden piece with recycled glass. Will have future workshop for glass/foiling.

- having a trunkshow in June, with any available inventory. Use to find the kinks in our process and to begin preparing for larger events.
- creating an 'assembly' line to produce inventory together as a whole. i.e. Joan's paper art, foiling glass for garden pieces, etc etc. Would invite all to create and produce pieces to sell.

Next meeting: Sunday, April 26th at 11:00am
- bring colored newspaper for Joan to teach us her craft, rolling papers

April 16th - Jewelry 101 Workshop
- bring $5

'Get Stoned' party at Tina's on Sunday, May 24th
- create paving stones for Casa de Luna entrance
- bring a paver and let's get wild :-)

anything i missed, please post!!!


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